House of Family

House of Family is an Slovak organization established in 2003 with the aim to provide medical and social care to HIV-positive orphans or semi-orphans living in Cambodia. Currently there are 3 orphanages with the total of 80 children “in door” and 30 children “outdoor” i.e. staying with the family but comes regularly for medical checks. The children are aged form 2 to 18 years. Two orphanages situated in Phnom Penh and one in Sihanouk Ville. They have 10 members of local (Khmer) staffs and 2 members or expatriate staff (usually from Slovakia)

To maintain good health and good quality of life for our kids who are discriminated by their
community (and often abandoned by their families) because of being HIV-positive. We help them to get education in local public schools, vocational
training on special skills and to learn English language. Thus providing them with some “extra” skills in comparison to their HIV-negative Cambodian peers. House of Family help them to become fully integrated members of the Cambodian society by thetime they reach adulthood.

Apart from medical programs and attending the relevant public schools, the organization has fixed weakly schedule activities, focusing mainly on education such as Khmer literacyclasses, English language classes or general teaching on Geography or culture. In addition, they have at least twice a week discussions with the kids on topics such as morality, hygiene or Khmer traditions. Also we support regularly creative activities, such as painting, drawing, origami, or Apsara dancing (Khmer Traditional dance) rehearsals.



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